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General FAQ list

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Q: What are the system requirements for ISO Mounter?

• Microsoft Windows Home Server V1 (original) with Power Pack two or later or ...
• Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011 or ...
• Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Essentials or ...
• Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials or ...
• Microsoft Windows Server (2008/2012), Desktop (Vista/7/8)

Q: Where can I find a user's manual or online help pages?

See our How To pages for details on installing, configuring, and maintaining ISO Mounter

Q:Can I burn ISO images to a disk using ISO Mounter?

Yes. With version 1.20 and later you can burn an ISO image to a removable USB drive by selecting the "Burn ISO to disk" link from the Common Tasks area.

Q: If I purchase a license for ISO Mounter now then will I have to pay for new product updates?

No. All updates to ISO Mounter are free for license holders. You can check for new updates directly from the ISO Mounter add-in by selecting Check for Updates

Q: I'm running ISO Mounter on WHS V1. Why am I seeing 'file conflict' warnings in the Home Network Health listing for files within a mounted ISO image?

This is a known-issue with WHS V1 when creating a volume mount-point within a WHS Share (you can see the same results outside of the ISO Mounter add-in by creating a volume mount-point via Microsoft's Disk Manager utility). We have contacted Microsoft about this issue. A free update to ISO Mounter will be made available if we receive a work-around from Microsoft. This is a non-destructive issue - no data or file loss will occur. The 'file conflict' warnings will automatically disappear after you unmount the ISO image. This issue is specific to WHS V1. WHS 2011 does not exhibit this issue.

Q: I purchased ISO Mounter for Windows Home Server V1 and have upgraded my server to Windows Home Server 2011. Do you offer an upgrade discount?

Yes. You can receive a 50% discount by simply entering the coupon code "IMUPGRADE" during your purchase of ISO Mounter for Windows Home Server 2011. Make sure you identify yourself by using the same email address you used during your original purchase.

Q: I'm purchasing ISO Mounter from your eStore and noticed there is an extra $4.99 (USD) charge for "eDS?" What is eDS and is it mandatory?

The "eDS" service is an extended download service brought to you by Digital River, our eStore provider. With eDS, you will be able to re-download exact copies of the software you purchased, for a period of 1 (one) year after the date of purchase. This is not a required purchase and you are free to remove it from your cart before purchase. Doing so will not affect any features of the software.

Q: I have additional questions. How can I contact you?

We're available via email at support @

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